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We Are An NAED Member (National Association of Electrical Distributors)

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Our Vision


        We will be the primary provider of the range of electrical supplies and equipment that we actively stock and promote to electrical contractors, original equipment manufacturers and various industrial, commercial and institutional users whose business values are similar to our own.



Our Values


        We respect the dignity and the rights of each of our employees.  We maintain high ethical standards and respect in our dealings with our customers and vendors.  We recognize that service, responsiveness and integrity are keystones of a successful business relationship.  We strive for excellence in everything we do.



Our Commitment To Quality

        At Allen Electric Supply Co. we believe that quality is achieved only when the products and services that we provide a customer meet or exceed the specifications, requirements and expectations of the customer.

        The management of Allen Electric Supply Co. is fully committed to a goal of 100% quality. We enlist the support, and encourage the participation, of all the members of our organization in attaining this goal.

        Allen Electric Supply Co. seeks out a select group of suppliers, and only those suppliers, whose own commitment to quality is equal to ours.

        Allen Electric Supply Co. recognizes the need to continuously improve the levels and types of services and products that we provide to our customers. The need to improve is interpreted as both an individual need and an organizational need. Continuous improvement in all areas of our business will be the means of approaching, and possibly achieving, our goal of 100% quality.


We Are
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